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CME-Online (Enduring Material) was developed in response to physicians increasing needs for readily accessible educational materials along with the need for quality CME on the Internet. CME-Online gives physicians' the opportunity to access topics of interest when he or she has a teachable moment.

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The CME department is transitioning to a new data management system, which will significantly enhance the user experience for both activity planners and learners. All Enduring Materials are presently available on the new system, and learners can run their own transcripts and certificates upon course completion. We are currently in the process of transitioning all other course types and modules, and migrating all CME records since 1/1/13 into the new system.
Upon its completion, users will be able to:

New Online Modules will include:
    • print course or end-of year transcripts or certificates for all Washington University CME activities
    • record external CME credits
    • submit activity applications
    • complete planning forms and financial disclosures

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